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"Sell-Out" Pricing

Encompassing the key markets across Europe on a daily basis. Monitoring the Traditional Market allowing comparability to Online Pricing. A unique offer to the Market, the only place to benchmark your localised competition.

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Price Tracking

Daily online monitoring and data collection, using our specialised software that can report to you using internal stock and item referencing. Covering 14 countries on Car (standard and Run Flat), Van, 4x4, Truck & Motorcycle.

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Selling Way

Understand how your brands are being offered in the market. If promotions are being offered, how Retailers are selling to the marketplace. Track changes overtime to see the influence of promotions or selling techniques.

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Mystery Shopping

Identify your strengths & weaknesses - gain knowledge on your own performance, monitor those of your Competitors and the Marketplace. Benchmark yourself vs. the market and your competitive set whilst identifying target scores of excellence.

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