Products | Servicing and MOT Barometer

Have you ever wanted to...

  • Have a continuous market representative understanding of the price positioning for the MOT & Servicing of vehicles
  • Obtain a robust and actionable analysis by each of the key Car Classification Segments (A-E + MPVs and SUVs)
  • Analyse at a head to head level the relative cost elements attached to MOT/Servicing
  • Understand what?s included in the service at a POS level and also what additional customer service elements are also included
  • Understand differences in Servicing/MOT selling skills at a POS and regional level
  • Have data reported "live" in order to understand/monitor the variations in price and provide the ability to act accordingly

We conduct a quarterly monitor across the key channels in the market with fieldwork quotas broadly set by share of market.


Our data is reported "live" through our unique online dashboard feature with top-line analysis reporting on:

  • Individual quotes for a service
  • Checks carried out as part of service
  • Various service element provided (as part of a service) ? i.e. free courtesy car/valet service
  • Timing by POS on delay in
  • Price for an MOT
  • Promotions offered - i.e. fuel voucher/money off coupon
  • Payment options/ plans offered

You now have all you wanted and much more delivered to your desk at a click of a button.