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Mystery shopping is an evaluation process tool and the most effective way of measuring the customer's journey as seen through the eyes of a customer.

In a recent survey up to 76% of potential sales are lost through insufficient selling skills during the sales process. Here at encircle marketing we can help you to improve your sales conversion rates through our "ready made" mystery shopping programme.

Our data measures and monitors all the key performance indicators within the customer's journey/experience in the different service providers encompassing all distribution channels (Local Independent Garages, Regional Garages/Dealers, Car Dealers, Autocentres and Fast Fits).

Our monthly researched data is captured through both mystery telephone calls and mystery visits with the use of two comprehensive scorecards for the most complete mystery shopping programme in the industry.

Through the use of our continuous mystery shopping data you can:

  • Identify your strengths & weaknesses - gain knowledge on your own performance
  • Monitor strengths and weaknesses within the market and your competitors
  • Benchmark yourself vs. the market and your competitive set
  • Identify target scores of excellence for market (industry standard)
  • Understand the markets key performance drivers
  • Identify areas of improvement (market & tactical planning)
  • Classify/score the marketplace based on customer service performances by POS

By focusing on these elements Encircle Marketing can help you with improvements in customer satisfaction, customer retention, increased sales and potentially higher profit margins.